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Enable User Profiles window pops up when adding users to the profile list


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Question / Problem:

Why does an Enable User Profiles window pop up when adding users to the profile list? The linked user has allow user profile management checked.

Answer / Solution:

This is expected behavior. It is working as designed.

The Help article explains:

Enable User Profiles Window

This window is displayed when you attempt to enable the User Profiles feature and the Admin user has a password. It prompts you to enter the User ID and password of a user that has access rights to the Administration module.

This window is not displayed if you are disabling the User Profiles feature. You cannot use the User ID and password for linked operating system users with administrative rights.

User ID

Select the User ID of a user from this drop-down list of users that have administrative rights. Only users with such rights are presented in the list.


Enter the password for the selected User ID.

Note If you set a password for the Admin user and later forget the password (and the Admin user is the only user with rights to the Administration module), you won’t be able to disable User Profiles because you won’t be able to start the Administration module.

Also, because there is no way to recover or reset the password without accessing the Administration module, you must uninstall, and then reinstall Kofax Capture (which resets the Admin password back to <blank>); you also lose your batch classes and any batches in progress at the time the product is removed.

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