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ServiceUser Accounts to avoid ongoing password changes for Ascent Capture services

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Question / Problem:

I currently have User Profiles enabled, with linked operating system (OS) users. How can I avoid the need to change the password associated with the Ascent Capture modules running as services every time the Windows User Accounts change passwords?

Answer / Solution:

If you change the password of a Windows user account that is used as the Log On account for the Ascent Capture services, the properties of each service must be modified to account for the new password. To avoid this step, Ascent Capture administrators are encouraged to create 'dummy' users with passwords that do not change, for use as Log On accounts for the Ascent Capture services.

  1. Create an Ascent Capture user called “ServicesUser”. Make sure that “ServicesUser” has permissions to all the necessary batch classes and to the Release and Recognition Server queues or whichever module you are running as a service.
  2. Install the services using the command-line arguments for User name and Password.
    Here is an example of the command line to install the Release service:
    • ”C:\Program Files\Ascent\Bin\release.exe” -install -u:”ServicesUser” -p:”password”
  3. In Windows, Administrative Tools, go into Services and go into the Properties for the 'Ascent Capture - Release' service. (Or whichever service you are setting up.)
  4. On the Log On tab, make sure the Local System Account option is selected.
    If you already have the services installed, you must uninstall them before proceeding with Step 2. above.
    Here is an example of the command line to uninstall the Release service:
    • ”C:\Program Files\Ascent\Bin\release.exe” -uninstall

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