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Scan Module Data not in statsBatchModule table


QAID # 17751 Published

Question / Problem:

When gathering statistical data from the statsBatchModule table in the Kofax Capture database, the data for the Scan module is missing. The rest of the modules have records.

Why is the Scan data missing?

Answer / Solution:

In the statsBatchModule table, the ModuleCloseUniqueID is going to identify the next module that will be processed, not the current one. The ModuleLaunchID GUID would be associated with the currently launched module, which would be the Scan module in this case. This GUID is a foreign key to the associated record in the statsModuleLaunch table.

Examine the records in the statsModuleLaunch table to see information related to the Scan module. This table will show data for the currenlty launched module.

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