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Invalid Data Source Connection kfxloadvalidation script returned fatal error when performing Database Validation


QAID # 14634 Published 

Question / Problem:

Performing a Database Validation on a Document, why does the following error occur:

Invalid Data Source Connection. ##### Sending the batch to QC. <Name>, kfxloadvalidation[script returned fatal error]

Answer / Solution:

This error occurs due to an invalid ODBC DSN connection. If this error does not occur configuring the Database Validation on the Document Class, it points to the source of this issue being the configuration of the ODBC DSN on the working machine versus the non-working machine.

First, verify that the System DSN defined under the ODBC Data Source Administrator is able to connect to the desired database using the Test button. This Windows test verifies that the selected database is seen, but it does not verify that the connection can be accessed for all purposes.

Second, verify that the DSN is using the same configuration and type and version of database drivers as the working system.

This behavior is usually due to a difference in the configuration of ODBC DSN of machines that are working versus those that are not. A related issue is the operating system and SQL client being used for the DSN. Capture runs as a 32-bit application. As a consequence, a 32-bit SQL client and DSN explicitly using a 32-bit client is required. For example, if this behavior does not occur on a 32-bit version of Windows, but does occur on a 64-bit version of Windows, it points to the use of a 64-bit SQL client for the DSN as a probable source for this issue.

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