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Loose pages are not allowed in the Validation or Verification queues


QAID # 179 Published 

Question / Problem:

What causes the following error when trying to process a batch through the Validation module:

"Loose pages are not allowed in the Validation or Verification queues."

Answer / Solution:

This error can result from choosing Manual separation in your Batch Class Properties and then not manually identifying the documents. If you choose Manual separation, you need to create Documents by choosing Page, Create Document from the menu in the Scan module. Alternatively, you could change your separation method to Kofax fixed pages or any other method that fits your business process. To change the separation method, in the Administration module, right-click on your Batch Class and choose Properties from the drop down menu. Go to the Separation and Form Identification tab and change the option from Manual to one of the other choices.

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