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Retain Zoom Level between Fields on Same Page



QAID # 813 Published  

Question / Problem:

In the Validation Module or Verification Module, how do I prevent the view from zooming out whenever I tab out of a field?

Answer / Solution:

When you tab to an Index Field that does not have an associated Index Zone assigned on the Sample Page, the zoom level will return to Whole Page. You can prevent this from happening by creating an Index Zone on the Sample Page for every Index Field:

  1. Draw an Index Zone somewhere on the Sample Page
  2. Assign it to an Index Field
  3. Disable (uncheck) the 'Auto Recognition' checkbox in the Index Zone Properties 
  4. Repeat for each Index Field
  5. Set the View mode to 'Pan to Zone' and the image will center on your assigned Index Zone without zooming out.

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