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Allow Blank Date Fields using .NET Validation Script


QAID # 12049 Published

Question / Problem:

Is it possible through a .NET-based Validation Script to allow for an Index Field defined with the data type of DATE to be blank?

Answer / Solution:

No. The limitation of not allowing an Index Field using a DATE data type to be blank is not governed by the type of scripting being used; it is controlled by the Capture system itself. Kofax Capture does not allow a Index Field with the data type of DATE to be blank. The use of a .NET-based Index Script will not change this behavior.

The work around for this limitation is to either use a “dummy” date value or to associate the Index Field with a VARCHAR data type instead of DATE. The use of the VARCHAR data type will allow for blank field values. The script, through code, can be used to verify that any string values entered are in a date format, if desired.

QAID 400 provides an example of the latter being implemented within an SBL-based script.

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