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Invalid Data Source Connection error performing Database Lookup in a SBL Validation Script


QAID # 14635 Published

Question / Problem:

Performing a Database Lookup in a SBL-based Index (Validation) Script, why does the following error occur:

Invalid Data Source Connection. ##### Sending the batch to QC. <Name>, kfxloadvalidation[script returned fatal error]

Answer / Solution:

This error occurs due to an invalid ODBC DSN connection. KB 14634 contains steps to verify that the ODBC DSN is configured correctly on machines encountering this behavior. This will usually resolve the issue.

When a database is accessed through SBL’s (Softbridge Basic Language) native SQL functions, SBL itself does not perform the database access. Kofax Capture performs the database access in the same manner as the standard Database Validation, except with the parameters specified in the script. If possible, verify that this behavior does not occur with the standard Capture Database Validation on the Document Class.

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