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Make an Index Field read-only in Validation


Question / Problem:

How can I make an Index Field in Validation read-only?

Answer / Solution:

There is no generic setting to make a Index Field read-only. You can do this through scripting, but these methods do not allow you to lock the value in the GUI, only to not save the new value.


  • Place a SaveandSkipField in the Pre< > event. This will cause the field to never get focus and thus no changes can be made.
  • Hide the Index Fields in the Document Properties. This will cause those Index Fields to not appear in Validation.
  • Change the script's Post<IndexField> function to not assign the Kfx<IndexField> value the EnteredValue variable's value. This means that while the user can type whatever s/he likes, when s/he tabs out of the field, the field will revert to its previous value.

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