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SLN Files could not be found and will not be loaded error when creating VB.NET Validation Script


Question / Problem:

When trying to create a VB .NET-based Validation Script, an error message similar to the following is received:

"The following files were specified on the command line:


These files could not be found and will not be loaded."

Why does this not occur when creating a SBL-based script?

Answer / Solution:

If this error is isolated to one or a few Documents Class(es), with other Document Classes not producing this error when creating a VB .NET-based Validation Script, it may indicate a “corruption” in the Capture database concerning the Document Class in question.

The filename for the solution file (*.SLN) will match the name of the Document Class. For example, the Document Class “Test Document” will create a solution file with the name “Test Document.sln”. If the name of the Document Class does not match the filename of the solution file, this error will occur.

This can sometimes occur if a Document Class is renamed.

The recommended solution is to create a new Document Class with the desired settings and parameters and to delete the existing version of the Document Class that produces this behavior.

Also, a workaround to this behavior is to rename the Document Class temporarily to match the filename that is generated for the solution file. For example, if the Document Class name is “Test Document”, but the solution filename is “XYZ Document.sln”, rename the Document Class to “XYZ Document”. After the Document Class has been renamed, the error should not occur when generating the VB .NET Validation Script template.

Once the script has been successfully generated, the name of the Document Class may be changed back to its original name.

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