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Script Driven option in the Capture Database Validation settings


QAID # 15103 Published

Question / Problem:

What is the "script driven" option in the Capture  Database Validation/Lookup settings?

Answer / Solution:

This is a new feature added in order to support the MarkView Integration, but is free to be used within a Document Validation Script or Custom Panel within the Validation module.

When selected, a Document Validation Script or Custom Panel is capable of calling the Database Validation/Lookup functionality, with certain specific restrictions.

The call can be made by calling the Document's RunValidationPlugin() method, for example:

Dim s As String
s = KfxACMDocument.RunValidationPlugin("My Validation Instance")

The returned value is a block of XML data containing the returned values from the query based on the configuration of Database Validation:

<Result IndexValue="value used for lookup from the Index Field">
                <Column Name="name of column 1" DBDataType="VARCHAR">value for column 1</Column>
                <Column Name="name of column 2" DBDataType="VARCHAR">value for column 2</Column>
                <Column Name="name of column 3" DBDataType="VARCHAR">value for column 3</Column>

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