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Track Exact Changes to Index Fields using Validation Script


QAID # 9214 Published

Question / Problem:

We want to verify the efficiency of the Validation operators. Is it possible to track the exact changes made to Index Fields between the Validation versus the Verification modules through the User Tracking database?

Answer / Solution:

No, it is not possible to track the exact changes made to Index Fields of a Document through the User Tracking database. The User Tracking database does not maintain this level of information.

A workaround to this limitation can be manually implemented through a Validation (Index) Script (which will be executed during both Validation and Verification) and an outside storage location for the Document’s Index Field values.

The values of the desired Index Fields can be written to an outside location, such as a text file or a database, during Validation by the Validation Script. These same values can then be read from the same location when processing the document through Verification by the same Validation Script.

The Validation script will make use of the “KfxOperation” variable to expose whether the Document is being processed in Validation or Verification, and is set during the “KfxLoadValidation” function.

The unique Document ID value can be used as an index to the Document’s Index Field values.

This unique Document ID will be assigned during the “KfxDocPreProcess“ function in the script when it is executed during Validation, and is available through the KfxAcmDocument object. This new object was added as a new feature beginning with Ascent Capture 7.0. This object exposes the Ascent Capture Module Type library (commonly referred to as "COM Interface") within the Index Script. The code to implement this object will initially be commented out when the default script is created.

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