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Index Field Value not populated when Validation not implemented before or by Workflow Agent


QAID # 15005 Published

Question / Problem:

I have a Workflow Agent (WFA) that processes after the Validation module. The WFA performs some manipulation of a Kofax Capture Value. In some systems, the Validation module is not implemented in the workflow. In this instance, when I have the WFA process after a different module, such as Recognition Server or Scan, the Kofax Capture Value is always empty.

Is there a better method for accessing Kofax Capture Values?

Answer / Solution:

Kofax Capture Values are populated in Validation or Export, and are not available until one of these two modules are executed.

In the scenario outlined above, the best solution is to map the Kofax Capture Value in the Export Setup to be exported, then access the value in the Export Connector via the Links collection.

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