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Install Workflow Agent on all workstations in a client server environment


QAID # 2550 Published

Question / Problem:

If I install a Workflow Agent to run after a specific module, do I need to still install the Workflow Agent on all workstations in a client/server installation?

Answer / Solution:

Workflow Agents are designed to run after EVERY module closes the Batch. Since this is the case, the Workflow Agent will be called on all workstations. However, if you only want it to work on a specific station that runs a specific module the workflow agent is coded for, you will need to change the .aex registration file.

Under the Workflow Agent Key (e.g. [my workflow agent]), you need to add a Key named "WorkflowAgentSkipIfCantLoad". If the value is not present, the default behavior is "False". When it is set to "False", when the Workflow Agent cannot load, the Batch will be sent to the Quality Control module. If the value is set to "True" (e.g. "WorkflowAgentSkipIfCantLoad=True") then if the Workflow Agent can't be loaded, the Batch will just move to the next module and ignore the Workflow Agent.

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