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Restrict or grant access to a specific Batch to users or groups


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Question / Problem:

How can I restrict/grant access to a specific Batch using users or groups?

Answer / Solution:

You can restrict access to specific batches in attended Kofax Capture modules (Batch Manager, Scan, Quality Control, Validation, and Verification) to certain users or groups. Using a custom workflow agent, you can grant access rights to users and groups to process specified batches. All others users will be denied access to these batches.

To grant user or group access to specific batches, use the following methods of the ACWorkflowData object of the Kofax Capture Custom Workflow Interface library (ACWFlib.dll) in your custom workflow agent.

  1. GrantUserAccessToBatch
  2. GrantGroupAccessToBatch

For more information about these methods, consult the Kofax Capture API Reference Guide.

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