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Cannot Recognize File Format error when importing PDF files with permission restrictions


Question / Problem:

When importing a PDF file with XML AutoImport, I receive the following error:

"An error occurred while importing the file ".PDF" This batch class supports image files only... Cannot Recognize File Format".

How can I resolve this problem?

Answer / Solution:

This error can be received when there are certain document restrictions enabled in the PDF file that is being imported into Kofax Capture. However, this is as designed. The Kofax Capture / Kofax VRS PDF Import engine honors any PDF documents' specified permissions and security settings by disabling certain interfaces for which permissions are not granted.

Either removing or changing the document restrictions in Adobe Acrobat will resolve this problem.

In order to change the document restrictions, please ensure that Kofax Capture is able to copy content and extract page information.

Because the document restriction setting name varies by compatibility version in Adobe Acrobat, we are not able to provide the exact setting name.

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