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Empty Documents ErrorCode 17 in XML AutoImport


QAID # 15745 Published

Question / Problem:

Why does XML AutoImport generate the following error message:

"Error code 17, description Empty Documents"?

Answer / Solution:

This can be caused by a corrupt Software Import source profile. First, check the related articles below before trying this solution.

Review a ProcMon trace of this error. It should reveal activity in the Capture\Local\ScannerProfiles\Software Import directory followed by .TMP files creating in a temp folder. You will also notice that there is no activity for .TIF files used in the import.

To remedy this, rename the "Software Import" folder under the above path (close any modules/services that may use this source first). Then launch Scan or KCIC-XML and it should create a new copy. Retest to confirm that the issue is resolved.

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