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Illegal Filename error when path and filename contain more than 128 characters even though RelativeImageFilePath allows 256 characters


QAID # 17133 Published

Question / Problem:

When using XML Import Connector to import documents into Kofax Capture and using the RelativeImageFilePath option, the XML specifies a RelativeImageFilePath and an ImportFileName. It appears that Kofax is concatenating the import directory's path + RelativeImageFilePath + ImportFileName to produce the complete path to the file. When that concatenated path exceeds 128 characters, the import will fail, generating an error of illegal file name, even though the file path limit for RelativeImageFilePath is 256 characters.

Is there a way to go beyond the 128 character limit?

Answer / Solution:

Although the RelativeImageFilePath limit is 256 characters, the entire path is still limited to 128 characters.

SPR 114103 has been submitted to address this behavior.

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