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Illegal file format error importing an image using XML Import


QAID # 21925 Published

Question / Problem:

The following error occurs when trying to import an image using XML Import:

<ImportSession ErrorCode="20" ErrorMessage="Illegal file format (\\pathname\filename.tif)">
        <Batch Name="name" BatchClassName="name" EnableAutomaticSeparationAndFormID="1" Processed="1">
                <Page ImportFileName="\\pathname\filename.tif" ErrorCode="20" ErrorMessage="Illegal file format (\\pathname\filename.tif)" />

Answer / Solution:

This issue can be caused by a modified or malformed TIFF file.

The third-party tool Irfanview ( can be used to make this determination:

  1. Launch the application.
  2. Use the vertical arrow keys in the upper-right corner to traverse through each page of the file.
  3. If there is a problem with any of the pages, the following message will display on the bottom of the screen:
    • no file loaded (use File -> Open Menu).

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