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Special Character Codes for use in XML Auto Import


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Question / Problem:

How do I use special characters, such as an Ampersand, in the XML file for XML Auto Import?

Answer / Solution:

Special characters generally have escape codes associated with them.

For example, rather than saying "Kells & Drells", you can use "Kells & Drells".

The names of character entities are not as well supported by Web browsers as are the numbers, so it's best to use the numbers.

Below are some common examples:

Numeric Code Short Code Character Character Definition
34 quot " quotation mark = APL quote
38 amp & ampersand
60 lt < less-than sign
62 gt > greater-than sign
160 nbsp   no-break space = non-breaking space
169 copy © copyright sign
174 reg ® registered sign = registered trade mark sign
8226 bull bullet = black small circle
bullet is NOT the same as bullet operator

For example, to use the numeric code for an ampersand:


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