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Unable to locate log file ACxmlAil.txt error launching XML AutoImport


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Question / Problem:

XML Import Connector fails to open, with the error message:

Unable to locate log file ACxmlAil.txt

How can I resolve this issue?

Answer / Solution:

This error has been seen in environments where the user is unable to create a file in the root directory C:\. The default log file is C:\Acxmlail.txt, unless otherwise specified on the command line when the executable is launched.

It may be necessary to start the XML Import Connector from a DOS command prompt and specify a different path and log file name.

For example:

Acxmlai.exe -GUI -l:"C:\My Logs\Mylog.txt"

From the Getting Started Guide:

-l:logfile.txt Specifies the XML Import Connector log file name. It can be specified with an absolute, relative, or UNC path. File names / paths containing spaces must be enclosed in quotes.

If the specified file cannot be opened, events will be logged to the default log file (C:\Acxmlail.txt).

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