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Install custom script into Release Script Manager without manually registering the script


QAID # 147 Published

Question / Problem:

How do I install my custom script into Release Script Manager without having to manually register the script?

Answer / Solution:

Ascent Capture Release Script Manager uses a utility called RegAscSC.exe, which can be found on each client, located in the Ascent\bin directory.

The following is help from the exe, which can be found by starting a DOS prompt and typing ' RegAscSC /? ':

RegAscSc.exe - Ascent Capture Release Script Registration Utility
Copyright (c) 1998-2001 Kofax Image Products. All Rights Reserved.


  • /f [filename] Name of the INF file.
  • /o [filename] Name of the output file.
  • /m [scriptname] Name of the script to install.
  • /u Unregistered the specified script.
  • /s Run in silent mode.
  • /? Show usage.


RegAscSc.exe /f (INF filename) [/o (output.txt)] [/m (Script1)] [/s]

Applies to:

Product Version Category
CAPTURE 5.0 Release - Custom
CAPTURE 5.5 Release - Custom
CAPTURE 5.51 Release - Custom
CAPTURE 6.0 Release - Custom
CAPTURE 6.1 Release - Custom
CAPTURE 7.0 Release - Custom
CAPTURE 7.5 Release - Custom
CAPTURE 8.0 Release - Custom
CAPTURE 9.0 Release - Custom
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