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Document Table Cannot Update Database or object is read only


QAID # 10455 Published 

Question / Problem:

When trying to release using the Database Release Script, why do I receive the following error:

"Database Release Script:Database Class.ReleaseIndexes:Database
Class.ReleaseDocTable:DAO.Recordset, 1110, Document Table (dbo.<table name>): Cannot update.
Database or object is read-only. Probably lacking unique index."? 

Answer / Solution:

Ensure that there are proper permissions and that it is a table rather than a view for which the Release Script is configured.

Another cause for this error may be related to primary keys. The Database Requirements help topic recommends that the Index Values table uses the Document ID as a foreign key to link to the Document ID primary key in the Document Path table. In order to avoid this error, it may also be necessary to make Document ID a primary key in the Index Values table as well.

  • For further details on database requirements, please see QAID 4091.

Applies to:

Product Version Category
CAPTURE 7.5 Release - Database
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