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Missing Information Integrator for Content when installing IBM CM 8.3 for Ascent 7.x Release Script


QAID # 11678 Published 

Question / Problem:

I'm encountering the error message: "Missing Information Integrator for Content" message when trying to install the IBM CM 8.3 for Ascent 7.x Release Script.

How can I resolve this issue?

Answer / Solution:

This issue has been seen to be fixed by ensuring that the following components/requirements are configured:

  • DB2 Universal Runtime Client v8.2 with fixpack 7a or higher.
  • Information Integrator for Content v8.3.
  • Content Manager Enterprise client 8.3 fixpack 4 or higher installed.
  • Highest fixpack available for Content Manager and DB2 Universal Run-Time Client.

Applies to:

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