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Method of Object failed error when releasing Documents using Ascent 7.0 Release Script for FileNet Content Manager 3.0 – 3.5


QAID # 12210 Published

Question / Problem:

Using the Ascent 7.0 Release Script for FileNet Content Manager 3.0 – 3.5, the error message "Method ~ of Object ~ failed" is received when attempting to release the Documents. This error is consistent with each Document as it tries to release.

Answer / Solution:

Multiple sources exist for this condition, including connection issues between the Capture system performing the Release and the FileNet Content Manager system.

However, this error can also occur if the MIME type definition in the system Registry is missing or incorrect for the image files being released. If releasing TIFF images as part of the documents, not having the TIFF extensions properly registered in the machine’s system Registry will cause this error.

The MIME type information in the system Registry for the TIFF files (“*.tif” file extension) will be listed under the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT section. It will be listed via the filename extensions of “.tif” and “.tiff”.

Under the sections “.tif” and “.tiff”, two entries are required: “Content Type” and “PerceivedType” with the values of “image/tiff” and “image” respectively.

For example:

- (Default)           - REG_SZ    - TIFImage.Document
- Content Type        - REG_SZ    - image/tiff
- PerceivedType       - REG_SZ    - image

The *.tif” and “.tiff” settings are not configured by Capture. Their absence indicates that no image software has been installed, such as the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer.

Applies to:

Product Version
KEC-FileNetCM 3.0

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