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Not Authorized to use Dynamic Destination error when selecting Use Dynamic Destination


QAID # 18475 Published

Question / Problem:

I am using the Export Connector for Microsoft SharePoint. The Setup allows browsing to a library and selecting a SharePoint library.

However, when I attempt to set the "Use dynamic destination" feature in the Destination tab, I receive the following error message when I select the radio button:

User not authorized to use dynamic destination.

What level of SharePoint access must the user have for this setting?

Answer / Solution:

SharePoint 2013 only provides four access levels.

They are:

Full Control Has full control
Full Read Has full read-only access
Deny Write Has no write access
Deny All Has no access

The user will require "Full Control" to implement this setting, and to export files and metadata into SharePoint.

Applies to: 

Product Version
KEC-Sharepoint 8.3