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Intermittent loss of Batch data caused by Antivirus deletion of mdb file


QAID # 20353 Published

Question / Problem:

I am encountering intermittent lost Batch data. Batches that have been exported out of Kofax Capture are not showing up in the back end system.

Answer / Solution:

It has been seen that this can be a result of anti-virus or scannng applications deleting the Batch .mdb file.

When the MDB file of a Batch is deleted or lost, the application will automatically create another MDB file, but when this occurs, the new MDB file will have no reference to the temporary image folder. The result is exported Batches with no images or data.

Fix 3592 has been created to better handle these type of scenerios and not allow Batches that have a deleted or missing MDB file to be exported.

FIX 3592 are included in the followig versions:,,, and 10.2.

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