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eDocument Path Filename truncated in index file


QAID # 9591 Published 

Question / Problem:

When releasing eDocuments with the Ascent Capture Text Release Script, a folder is created to accommodate the eDocuments being released. The corresponding entry in the index file does not show the complete filename and path, only the path to the folder containing the eDocuments.

Is it possible to customize this Release Script to include the filename along with the path in the index file entry?

Answer / Solution:

When using the Ascent Capture Text Release, a single image file will be created when using a multiple page format, such as "Multipage TIFF – CCITT Group 4". The entry in the index file for this multipage image file will include the filename, as the document is composed of one file.

When a single image file format is selected, such as "TIFF - CCITT Group 4", the individual image files will be placed into a subfolder with each of these subfolders representing one document. The entry in the index file for these will only list the path to the subfolder, not the individual filenames as the document may consist of multiple files.

When releasing eDocuments, this latter behavior will also occur. The eDocuments will be placed into a subfolder for each document. The index file will only list the path to the subfolder, not the filenames themselves as the document may contain multiple files. This behavior is as designed.

It may be possible to modify this script’s “ReleaseDoc” function and “ReleaseIndexes” function to produce multiple index entries for each file released with each document, but this is not the recommended course of action.

A more prudent approach is to create a process that occurs outside of Ascent Capture, after the Batch/Documents have been released, that builds its own separate index based on the contents of a particular folder and the index file created by the Release process.

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