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Export Connector SharePoint - Unable to log in to the SharePoint 365 server

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I am unable to log in to the SharePoint 365 server with SharePoint export connector.


Why is the SharePoint export connector unable to log in to the SharePoint 365 server? (In my browser it is working without a problem.)


The SharePoint online URL looks normally like this: 

To use your domain Windows user names with SharePoint Online Microsoft introduced ADFS.

By doing this the SharePoint server will reach out to your domain server to check the provided user name and password. If this is okay then you are allowed to log in.

How to identify, if you are using ADFS?

Well, this depends on your user configuration in SharePoint.

Even if your SharePoint user name is an e-mail address which looks like then this can be ADFS or not.



Reach out to your SharePoint administrator to find out the values for ADFS and REALMS and enter them in the export connector configuration panel.

Do you still face problems to login?


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Kofax Capture - Microsoft SharePoint Export Connector 8.5      



Article # 3038315