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Export Connector SharePoint - User is not authorized for lists service GetListCollection

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How to solve the problem "User is not authorized for lists service GetListCollection" when I try to login in the SharePoint export connector?

Why does the login to my SharePoint site fail?

I cannot login to SharePoint?


  1. Check, if you are able to login to the SharePoint server in a browser on the same system. If this is not working then this needs to be fixed first.
  2. Are you are using ADFS? Please check this link: Unable to log in to the SharePoint 365 server
  3. Are you using a proxy?
    1. If you do not know it then you can check this the browser settings, search for proxy.
      1. If you see some server name then yes: you are using a proxy. See 3.1.2 on how to configure it.
      2. If it is empty but something like "automatic detection" is enabled then it is possible that you are using a proxy. To verify it, turn the setting off, restart the browser and try to login the SharePoint again.
        If the login is successful then no: you are not using a proxy as it works without it. Revert to the proxy settings and turn it on again.
        If the login is not successful anymore, then yes: you are using a proxy. Revert to the proxy settings and turn it on again.
    2. If you are using a proxy then you need a fix for the connector Version 8.5, at least fix 15252. At the moment you need to create a support case to get this file from us.
      Afterwards you can configure it via registry.
      Add the below values to Registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Kofax Image Products\Release Scripts\SPRel07_v7 to enable proxy
      • ProxyAddress: the address of proxy server. Example: OR
      • ProxyPort (optional): the port of proxy server. Example: 80.
      • ProxyUser (optional): the user for proxy authentication if required.
      • ProxyPassword (optional): the password for proxy authentication if required.
      • ProxyDomain (optional): the domain for proxy authentication if required.
      • ProxyCredentialType (optional): The credential type required by proxy. (Basic or NTLM). If ProxyCredentialType is NTLM and ProxyUser is empty, "Kofax Export Connector for SharePoint"  uses the same credential for SharePoint server for proxy server.
  4. Is TLS 1.2 required? To enable it check this:
    1. for Kofax Capture: site
    2. for Kofax Express: site
  5. To increase security users started to activate multi-factor authentication (MFA) for their accounts. As the data or confirmation was stored in the browser cache login in the browser works for some time without any additional interactions. To verify if MFA is used for the account try to login to the SharePoint site from a different PC or browser. If you are not logged-in after you entered the password, e.g. an additional page shown the MFA is used.
    There was the following link afterwards on my site:
    The export connector does not support MFA, so you can only disable MFA for this account. To increase security, you should enable ADFS (see point 2 of this article).
  6. In another case customer found out: it was not MFA but a block legacy error. They exluded the user in the conditional access and it was solved.
  7. If you have checked the previous then it should work. If not then please create a support case and let us know:
    • SharePoint export connector version and addtional fixes
    • ADFS is used: yes/no
    • Proxy is used: yes/no
    • different browser was tested succesfully: yes/no
    • Error text from login file or Screenshot of the error message


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Kofax Capture - Microsoft SharePoint Export Connector 8.4, 8.5      


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