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Configure Capture Admin Module Links to Connect to KFS Admin Console over HTTP


Question / Problem: 

How to configure the links from the Kofax Front Office Server menu in the Kofax Capture Administration Module to connect to KFS using HTTP

Answer / Solution: 

By default, the Kofax Front Office Server menu items in the Kofax Capture Administration Module will attempt to connect to the KFS Administration Console using HTTPS.  If KFS is configured to only accept HTTP traffic, the menu items can be configured to connect over HTTP.


To configure the menu items to connect to KFS using HTTP:

  1. Close the Kofax Capture Administration Module
  2. Log into the KFS Administration Console from a web browser using the following URL (where <KFSServer> is the hostname or IP Address of the KFS Server):
  3. Navigate to Settings | Advanced 
  4. In the namespace, set the ProxyServerProtocol value to http
  5. Click Save
  6. Restart the Kofax Capture Administration Module


Applies to:  

Product Version
KFS 4.1