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Canon MFP Device Logs

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How to collect Device Logs from a Canon Multifunction Printer (MFP) device.



Device Logs are generated by the MFP Device itself, outside of the Kofax MFP Client.  Device logs often log the interactions between the Kofax MFP Client and the device's internal services, the events that occur within the device's internal processes, and communication between the device's internal processes and the KFS server.   Analyzing the Device Logs alongside the Kofax MFP Client logs provides a more complete view of all the activities that occur on the MFP device.

To collect the device logs from a Canon MFP device:

  1. Access the device's Service Management Service (SMS) web interface from a browser using the following URL (where <mfp> is the hostname or IP address of the Canon MFP device):  https://<mfp>:8443/sms
  2. Log into the Service Management Service (SMS) using the device's MEAP password
  3. Navigate to System Management | MEAP Application Log Management
  4. Click Download Application Logs
  5. Save the downloaded log file(s) to the local PC.



Canon ScanFront devices only log events that occur when the device is operating in Standard Mode.  The Kofax MFP Client operates in the ScanFront device's Web Application Mode, so device logging is not performed while the Kofax MFP Client is in use on a Canon ScanFront device.


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Kofax Front Office Server 4.3
All All Canon MFP Devices




Article # 3031538
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