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Change Logging Level for Canon MEAP Debug Logs

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How to change the logging level for events written to the Canon MEAP debug logs



By default, INFO level messages are written to the Canon MEAP debug logs.  The logging level can be configured in the KFS Administration Console's Advanced Settings screen.

To change the logging level for Canon MEAP debug logs:

  1. Log into the KFS Administration Console
  2. Navigate to Settings | Advanced tab
  3. In the namespace, set the mfp.logger.level value to the desired level:
    • for DEBUG, set the value to 0
    • for INFO (default), set the value to 1
    • for WARN, set the value to 2
    • for ERROR, set the value to 3
    • for FATAL, set the value to 4
  4. Click Save



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Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Front Office Server 4.3 All All Canon MFP Devices




Article # 3031537
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