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Convert Ricoh Android Client dalp File to UTF-8 Encoding

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How to convert the KofaxRicohAndroid.dalp file to UTF-8 encoding so it can be read by the Kofax Ricoh Android Client


The KofaxRicohAndroid.dalp file is encoded in UTF-8 format when it is downloaded from the server.  If the encoding is changed during manual editing of the file, it cannot be read by the Kofax Ricoh Android Client.


  1. Open KofaxRicohAndroid.dalp in Notepad++
  2. Select Encoding from the main menu 
  3. Note the Encoding method that is currently selected.
  4. If the currently selected encoding method is anything other than UTF-8, select UTF-8
  5. Save the changes to KofaxRicohAndroid.dalp
  6. Zip up the KofaxRicohAndroid.apk and the corrected KofaxRicohAndroid.dalp into a new package
  7. Use the KofaxRicohAndroidRegistration.exe Registration Utility to unregister any existing copies of the client from the MFP device and register the corrected package to the MFP device.


Level of Complexity 



Applies to  

Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Front Office Server 4.3
ALL Ricoh Smart Operation Panel (Android) Ricoh MFP Devices


Article # 3035552