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Ricoh MFP Device Logs

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How to Collect Device Logs from a Ricoh Multifunction Printer (MFP) Device



Device Logs are generated by the MFP Device itself, outside of the Kofax MFP Client.  Device logs often log the interactions between the Kofax MFP Client and the device's internal services, the events that occur within the device's internal processes, and communication between the device's internal processes and the KFS server.   Analyzing the Device Logs alongside the Kofax MFP Client logs provides a more complete view of all the activities that occur on the MFP device.


To collect Device Logs from a Ricoh MFP:

  1. Access the Ricoh device's Obtain Device Information screen using the following URL (where <mfp> is the hostname or IP address of the Ricoh MFP device):

  2. If prompted, enter the login credentials for the device administrator

  3. Enter the date when the issue occurred

  4. Enter the number of days (including the day that the issue occurred) for which log data will be collected
  5. Leave the Obtain Fax Destination(s) Information option set to Off
  6. Click Download
  7. It may take several minutes for the device to prepare the log data for download.  The Confirmation screen will not display any data preparation progress indicator.
  8. Check the browser's Download Manager for messages concerning the progress of the download once it starts.


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Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Front Office Server 4.3
All All Ricoh MFP Devices




Article # 3031532
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