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Canon ScanFront 400 Client Parameters are not valid error when scanning


Question / Problem: 

When scanning on Canon ScanFront 400 MFPs on With KTA 7.5.x or KFS 4.1 the following warning message is displayed: 

Parameters are not valid. Change parameters.

Answer / Solution: 

The warning message Parameters are not valid. Change parameters may occur when scanning in the Kofax Canon Scanfront Client on a ScanFront 400 device running web application version 3.3.1803.2302 or higher.  This message can be safely canceled and scanning can be safely continued.


This issue has been documented in KTA TFS #1154501 and KFS TFS #1191699. 

This issue has been resolved in the KTA 7.6 Kofax Canon ScanFront MFP Client and the KFS 4.3 Kofax Canon ScanFront MFP Client.


Applies to:  

Product Version
KFS 4.1
KTA 7.4