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Ricoh MFP Client Cannot Connect to Server Network Problem or Disk Full error possible causes


QAID # 20297 Published

Question / Problem:

What are the possible root causes for the following error in the Kofax Front Office Server (KFS) 4.1 or 4.3 Ricoh MFP Client?

Cannot connect to server. There is a network problem, or the disk on the server is full.

Answer / Solution:

The Kofax Ricoh Client's "Cannot connect to server" error can be triggered by a number of issues.

Known root causes include:

  • The Ricoh MFP device cannot successfully use DNS to resolve the hostname or Fully Qualified Domain Name of the KFS 4.0 or 4.1 server.
    To resolve this issue, please see KB 3024266.
  • The KFS 4.x server refuses new connections when the minimum free drive space requirements are not met.
    To resolve this issue, please see KB 3024268.
  • The Kofax Ricoh MFP device attempts to communicate with the KFS server using HTTPS, but IIS on the KFS server is configured to communicate using HTTP only.
    To resolve this issue, please see KB 3024271.

Applies to:

Product Version
KFS 4.1