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Stuck Job Removal from MFP Emulator


Question / Problem: 

Stuck Job Removal from MFP Emulator

Answer / Solution: 

If a scan job becomes stuck in the MFP Emulator's queue, it can prevent future scan jobs from being sent successfully to the server.  While the stuck job itself may not appear in the Scan History screen, the jobs that are stuck behind it will be listed.  The stuck job(s) must be removed from the MFP Emulator's queue to allow future scan jobs to be sent to the server successfully.

To remove stuck jobs from the MFP Emulator Queue:

  1. Close the MFP Emulator
  2. Navigate to C:\Users\<UserID>\AppData\Local\Kofax\App (where <UserID> is the username that was logged in when the stuck job occurred)
  3. Delete the Queue folder
  4. Run the MFP Emulator to automatically create a new, empty Queue folder 


Applies to:  

Product Version
KFS 4.1



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