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Macros that can Populate KFS Index Fields

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Which Kofax Capture / Kofax Front Office Server (KFS) macro values can be resolved and populated into Index Fields by KFS in the Thin Client and MFP Client? 



While Kofax Capture can resolve all of its macros once the job has been exported to Capture, KFS is capable of resolving a subset of Kofax Capture macro values (as well as its own KFS macros) in the Thin Client and MFP Client.

Kofax Capture Macros that can be resolved by KFS in the Thin Client and MFP Client:
  • {Current Date}
  • {Current Time}
  • {Current User ID}
  • {Current User Name}
  • {Current User Email}
  • {Scan Operator ID}
  • {Scan Station ID}
  • {Scan Station Language}
  • {Scan Time}
KFS LDAP Macros:
  • {LDAP:mail}
  • {LDAP:samaccountname}
  • {LDAP:homeDirectory}
KFS Device Profile Custom Metadata Macros:
  • {DeviceProfile:<Field_Name>}


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Product Version Build Environment Hardware
Kofax Front Office Server 4.3
All All N/A




Article # 3031584