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Not enough disk space error when connecting to the KFS 4.x server


QAID # 22701 Published

Question / Problem:

Attempts to connect to the Kofax Front Office Server (KFS) 4.x server from a Multi-Function Printer (MFP) client, Mobile Capture application, and/or attempts to log in to the KFS Thin Client result in the following error message:

There is not enough disk space on the server. Contact the administrator for assistance.

Answer / Solution:

To prevent potential data loss due to the server running out of available disk space during the submission of large jobs, the KFS server will refuse all new connections if the available disk space at any of the following locations falls beneath a threshold of 5 GB:

  • The drive on the KFS server where KFS is installed.
  • The drive on the Capture Share server where the CaptureSV folder is located.

While the minimum available disk space thresholds are configurable in the KFS Administration Console ¦ Settings ¦ Advanced ¦ namespace ¦ limits field (see the Administration Console Help for details), Kofax does not recommend setting the threshold to a value below the default 5 GB.

Kofax recommends resolving this issue by making enough disk space available in these locations to handle normal KFS/Capture activity without approaching the 5 GB minimum threshold.

Applies to: 

Product Version Category
KFS 4.0 Server Configuration
KFS 4.1 Server Configuration
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