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Restrict File Types that can be imported into the KFS 4.1 Thin Client by extension



Question / Problem: 

How to restrict the types of files that can be imported into the Kofax Front Office Server (KFS) 4.1 Thin Client by specifying which file extensions are allowed.

Answer / Solution: 

To restrict the upload of files into the KFS 4.1 Thin Client to those files with specific file extensions:
  1. Log into the KFS Administration Console.
  2. Navigate to Settings | Advanced.
  3. Filter for the namespace.
  4. Set the restrict.upload.extensions value to true.
  5. In the allowed.upload.extensions field, list the file extensions that the user will be allowed to upload. To allow multiple file extensions, use commas to separate them. (Example: jpg,jpeg,tif,tiff,png)
    Do not include any dots or spaces in the list of allowed file extensions.
  6. Save the changes to the Advanced Settings by clicking the Save button.


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
KFS 4.1 Thin Client