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Session Timeout Settings configuration for the KFS 4.x Thin Client


Question / Problem:

How to configure Session Timeout Settings for the Kofax Front Office Server (KFS) 4.x Thin Client

Answer / Solution:

KFS 4.x includes a Thin Client Session Timeout feature that is enabled and set to 30 minutes by default. It also includes a Client Alive Notification feature that prevents the session from timing out while the user is in the midst of entering information into the Thin Client.

These features can be configured by modifying the client.session.timeout and client.alive.notification.interval values located in the KFS Administration Console | Settings | Advanced | namespace.

The client.session.timeout and client.alive.notification.interval values work together to give the KFS administrator the flexibility to configure the Thin Client Session Timeout behavior according to business rules.

For example, given the following settings (Default Settings):

  • client.session.timeout=1800 (30 minutes)
  • client.alive.notification.interval=0 (Disabled)

This is the default scenario. In this case, the Thin Client will never check for user activity. However, because of the Session Timeout setting, the session will last for 30 minutes before ending. If the user does not complete indexing and submit the Document within the session timeout, the Document will not be submitted and the user must log back in to the Thin Client.

For example, given the following settings:

  • client.session.timeout=300 (5 minutes)
  • client.alive.notification.interval=60 (1 minute)

This scenario will allow the end user to keep the session alive (for example, by entering text into Index Fields). The Thin Client will check every 60 seconds to see if the user has been active. If user activity* has been detected within the last 60 seconds, the session timer will restart and keep the session alive for another 5 minutes. If the user has been inactive for 5 minutes, the session will end, the license and any locked Jobs will be released, and the user must log back in to the Thin Client.

* User activity is defined as the user clicking the mouse or using the keyboard to interact with the Thin Client (typing indexing information, etc.)

NOTE: Kofax Technical Support does not recommend using a client.session.timeout value of less than 300 seconds (5 minutes), or using a client.alive.notification.interval value of less than 60 seconds (1 minute).

Applies to:

Product Version
KFS 4.1