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Duplex Cannot be Enabled in Scanner Settings


Question / Problem: 

The Duplex checkbox is grayed out in the Kofax Front Office Server (KFS) Thin Client Scanner Settings window, even though the scanner is capable of duplex scanning.

Answer / Solution: 

This issue can occur if the scanner's WIA driver is selected as the scan source in the Scanner Settings screen.

WIA drivers provide Windows connectivity and basic scanning functionality.  WIA drivers lack many of the features included in TWAIN or ISIS drivers such as Duplex scanning and the ability to programmatically set the paper size.

Examples of WIA driver listings in the "Scan with" dropdown:

  • WIA-fi-7460


Examples of TWAIN driver listings in the "Scan with" dropdown:

  • Canon DR-M160 TWAIN
  • Hp ScanJet Flow N9120 fn2 (USB) TWAIN


To resolve this issue, select the scanner's TWAIN driver in the Scan with field.  


If the scanner's TWAIN driver is not listed in the Scan with dropdown, it may be necessary to install the TWAIN driver.


Applies to:  

Product Version
KFS 4.1