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Scanner Configuration using Standalone Kofax VRS on Client PC


Question / Problem: 

Which scanner drivers must be installed to scan into Kofax Front Office Server (KFS) using a local standalone installation of Kofax VRS to perform image cleanup on the scan station?

Answer / Solution: 

KFS uses a TWAIN-based scanning application, WebCapture Service, to communicate with the scanner and transfer scanned images to the KFS server.  While WebCapture Service has a limited number of eVRS image cleanup features built-in, some users may want to use a local standalone installation of Kofax VRS to provide additional image cleanup and local control of the VRS settings.


As illustrated below, Kofax VRS resides between WebCapture Service and the scanner.  WebCapture Service communicates with Kofax VRS using the Kofax Software VRS - TWAIN driver.  Kofax VRS communicates with a certified scanner using the scanner's ISIS driver.


To properly configure KFS to use a Certified Kofax VRS Scan Source:

  1. Install the latest ISIS driver for the scanner on the client PC 
  2. Connect the scanner to the PC
  3. Power on the scanner
  4. Install Kofax VRS as a standalone installation on the client PC
  5. When prompted during the installation, select the scanner model and click Set as Default.

    If the scanner model is not listed, it may be necessary to install a Kofax VRS Component Installer for the scanner.  Skip the selection of the default scanner during installation and once VRS is installed, download and install the Component Installer from the appropriate Kofax VRS Download page:


  6. Log into the KFS Thin Client and select a Shortcut or Destination
  7. Click Scanner Settings
  8. If prompted, install the WebCapture Service
  9. Once the WebCapture Service has completed, click Scan Settings again
  10. Select the Kofax Software VRS - TWAIN scan source
  11. Check the Scan from Vendor Dialog checkbox.
  12. Close the Scan Settings window
  13. Click Scan to bring up the Kofax VRS TWAIN on Top Interface.
  14. Click Advanced to bring up the VRS Interactive Viewer
  15. Configure the necessary VRS settings
  16. Save the settings to a new VRS Profile and click OK to exit the VRS Interactive Viewer
  17. Click Scan to test the VRS settings
  18. When satisfied with the VRS settings configuration, click Scan Settings and uncheck the Scan from Vendor Dialog checkbox.
  19. Configure the Scan settings (Color Mode, DPI, Duplex, Paper Size, Feeder, Orientation), and click OK.


Applies to:  

Product Version
KFS 4.1



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