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License installation fails on Canon Meap device with KFS 4.3 after I have installed a fixpack

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I have installed KFS 4.3 with a fix pack and want to activate a new Canon Meap device, but the installation fails, when I use the .lic file from the KFS server provided.



With fixpack 1 the procedure of licensing and installation for Canon MEAP devices has changed.



In the readme.txt file of any fixpack you will find the new procedure described (almost at the bottom of the document):

Updated licensing and installation procedure for Canon MEAP devices

The procedure for installing and licensing Canon MEAP devices has changed. You now need to generate the license file and install it with the client software.

Generate the license file

Use the Canon License Management System to generate a license file with your License Access Number provided with the client software and the serial numbers of the devices you want to register. This creates a .lic file you install through SMS. Follow these steps.

  1. Gather the serial numbers of the Canon MEAP devices you want to register. If you are registering 11 or more devices, enter their serial numbers in a .csv file. (You can download a sample .csv file later in this procedure.)
  2. Get the License Access Number by doing the following:
  3. a. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the Canon client software.
  4. b. Open the client\EMEA or client\NorthAmerica, depending on the region of your device.
  5. c. Open KofaxCanonClient_LAN.txt with a text editor. The file contains a string, which is the License Access Number.
  6. d. Copy the string to paste.
  7. Go to the Canon License Management System page at this URL:
  8. At the License Issuance page, paste or enter the License Access Number into the License Access Number field. Click Next. The Product Check page appears and displays information about your license.
  9. Click Apply to Issue a License.
  10. At the Serial Number Registration page, enter the serial numbers by doing either of the following:
  11. * Enter individual serial numbers.
  12. a. Select Enter Device Serial Number.
  13. b. Enter the serial numbers into each field (up to 10).
  14. * Upload serial numbers as a CSV file.
  15. a. Select Batch Register Several Device Serial Numbers Using a File (.csv).
  16. b. Click Download Sample File (.csv) to download a template for specifying serial numbers.
  17. c. Create a .csv file for your serial numbers using the format in the template.
  18. d. Click Browse.
  19. e. Select the .csv file for your serial numbers.
  20. Click Next.
  21. If prompted, reenter the serial numbers to confirm and then click Next.
  22. At the Information Confirmation page, click License File Issuance. When the license has been generated, the message The license file has been issued appears.
  23. Click Download a License File. Save the .lic file to the same folder where you downloaded the Canon client software.

Install the client software and license file

  1. From your browser, launch the Service Management Service (SMS) at http://<IP address of the Canon MFP>:8000/sms/. Log on as a user with MEAP installation rights.
  2. Go to the SMS installation page (directions may vary, depending on the version of SMS on the MFP).
  3. Select the application file:
  4. a. Click Browse to the right of the Application File field.
  5. b. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the Canon client software.
  6. c. Open the client\EMEA or client\NorthAmerica folder, depending on the region of your device.
  7. d. Select KofaxCanonClient.jar.
  8. e. To the right of the License File field, click Browse.
  9. f. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the generated license file.
  10. g. Select the .lic license file
  11. h. Click Install.

When you are finished, continue the installation as shown in the "Setting up authentication" and "Completing the installation" sections of the Kofax Front Office Server Administrator's Guide for Canon MFPs.

Configure logging level for Canon MEAP debug logs

By default, INFO messages are written to Canon MEAP debug logs. You can change the logging level by using the Advanced Settings in the Administration Console. Change the following setting:

  • Namespace:
  • Setting: mfp.logger.level
  • Values: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
  • 0: DEBUG
  • 1: INFO (default)
  • 2: WARN
  • 3: ERROR
  • 4: FATAL

See the Canon MEAP documentation for more information about logging features.


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