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Document conversion failure Target doc is not running Current state 4 EventID 38010


Question / Problem: 

After moving the Storage.bin file, I am now seeing the following Document Conversion errors:

WARN  [Thread=8] [MCMessageProvider] The attachemnt Adare.tif of message http://localhost:25086/call/tsl/View?Id=22bd92a4-d8ea-49d1-911b-a413403b10fc could not be converted. The error is: document conversion failure Target 'doc' is not running. (Current state=4). EventID:38010

Answer / Solution: 

When moving the Storage.bin file to another machine or NAS drive, you also need to make sure the account being used to run the KIC Message Connector as well as the KC Plug-In services have access/control of the new location.


In one case it was found that the account running the KIC Message Connector and the KC Plug-In services did not have permissions to the CaptureSV Share.

When running these services as Local System, this account will not have permissions on the CaptureSV share. Running these service using a service account and then granting the service account permissions to the CaptureSV share resolved the issue.


Applies to:  

Product Version Category
Kofax Import Connector 2.6 Configuration