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Image Quality Testing of VRS Processed KIC Messages


Question / Problem: 

How can the Image Quality be tested for Kofax Import Connector to mimic the processing of a batch for determination of issues with either KIC-VRS or the Permanent Image Cleanup profile of the Batch Class?  

Answer / Solution: 

You can manually import the VRS-Out.TIF file created during KIC-VRS processing for testing of the Permanent Image Cleanup profile of the Scan module.  

Steps to generate VRS-Out.tif:

  1. Go to the VRS Settings within the KIC Destination Configuration - Import Settings
     - Required Selection: VRS All Images or VRS Only Original Content
  2. Click the 'Open File For Testing' button and load the file to be tested with VRS
  3. Click the 'Test Current Settings' button
    1. If a result appears on the right-pane, then don't immediately close the VRS Settings window
    2. Navigate to the Temp Directory of the user to locate the VRS-Out.tif file (C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Local\Temp\)

Testing of the Kofax Capture Scan module or the VRS Test Application should use that file to replicate the KIC-VRS processes


See Also - Steps for testing the Kofax Capture Scan module and Image Controls within the VRS Test Application

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