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Permissions for Azure Active Directory application needed for using MS Graph as an import source.


Question / Problem: 

The chapter "Permissions for Azure Active Directory application" in the KofaxImportConnectorAdminitratorsGuide_EN.pdf doesn't mention the API names correctly.

Note 1: the documented Exchange API permissions are not needed and have been removed from this article.

Note 2: additional feedback from the field + research from development allows us to remove some more of the originally documented permissions.

Future releases of the documentation will reflect these changes.

Answer / Solution: 

Here you can find the correct API names and the related Permission names. Please refer to the manual for additional steps.

API name Permission name Type
Microsoft Graph Mail.ReadWrite Delegated
Mail.ReadWrite.Shared Delegated
User.Read Delegated

Applies to:  

Product Version
KIC 2.8



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