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File is not of an acceptable format error when importing files


QAID # 17072 Published

Question / Problem:

I receive the following error message when importing files using Kofax Import Connector (KIC) 2.x:

"System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800A0851): File is not of an acceptable format. (Cannot Recognize File Format [C:\Documents and Settings\ <User_Account_Name>\Local Settings\Temp\KIC-ED-KCPlugIn_I_0_C_2_M_0_A_0\ .TIF]".

How can I resolve this issue?

Answer / Solution:

This issue can be caused by a long file name that causes Scan.exe to fail when importing a file from a filepath length that exceeds 127 characters.

To resolve this issue, log in to Windows by using the "LogOnAs" account from the KIC Message Connector and KIC KCPlugin service, change the Windows TMP and TEMP Environment Variables to sufficiently short paths, and reboot the machine.

Applies to:

Product Version
KIC 2.6
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