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Files Not Importing from Watched Folder


Question / Problem: 

Files dropped into the watched folder are not importing into Kofax Import Connector. The "Test Folder Import" option in the KCPlugin shows that the connection is successful, what could be causing the files to not import?

Answer / Solution: 

It was found in one case that the Message Connector logs had the following error:

"21/11:36:21.656 (1de4/27ac/00ee) {"File_FileLocker" 0xd6457c} Could not lock file. MoveFileEx() error=5, src=\\?\C:\X\MSample4.pdf, dest=\\?\C:\X\MSample4.pdf.20171221183621.DFgat+03600.locked" in the MC log.

The user configured for the watched folder was part of the Users group which did not have the 'Modify' permission to the watched folder. After granting the 'Modify' permission to the users group for the watched folder files were able to be successfully imported.


Applies to:  

Product Version
KIC 2.5